Facebook in the real world?

Why not install LifeSynk at your locations and unlock the power of social media and Facebook - in the real world!

LifeSynk works by linking your Facebook account to a RFID card (similar to what consumers use when they swipe their Oyster cards).

Social media is a household term now – no longer the buzz word it was earlier in the year. The digital world has been turned on its head with the way social media has enhanced online experiences for computer and mobile users.

Practically everything we do online now can be linked to our social networks and we can broadcast our activity to friends every time we read an online article, comment on someone’s status or even listen to a song. But has everyone forgotten about the physical world too? Is it true that the meteoric impact that social media and Facebook has had on culture today is entirely limited to the online world of computers and mobiles? It seems that has largely been the case until recently.

A London-based company has dealt a sharp blow to this problem by launching a product that looks to overcome the barrier and synch social media with real-life activities. These actions could be anything from watching a film at the cinema, drinking a pint in a pub or even doing a 30 minute cycle at the local fitness centre. It’s called LifeSynk and it works by allowing brands to install terminals outside their physical venues and have people swipe cards in the same way they do on the London Underground with their Oysters.

Facebook have just updated their Platform too to allow users to be more descriptive in their actions. You can “Listen” to a track, or you can “Read” an article instead of just Like. But again, none of this is of any importance to brands who have physical locations at the heart of their business. The likes of Spotify, Flixter, The Guardian and other online services can easily make use of these changes, but a chain of cinemas for instance is completely stuck because, until products like LifeSynk, there was no way for a user to broadcast when they’ve actually “watched” the film.

These terminals are appearing at locations around town and the cards are interchangeable. This means you can swipe them at any of the participating shops or locations and it broadcasts the appropriate information on your page. Now you tell people what you are doing and where and provide much richer information than what you can obtain with a check-in. Some are using the cards as a loyalty scheme awarding customers free stuff if they swipe a certain number of times.

It seems that everyone wants a part of social media, not just the online world. LifeSynk is lifting the restrictions in the offline world and it means that Facebook can be accessible to everyone. If you want a terminal at your stadium, concert, store or location, get in touch with them here. http://www.lifesynk.com

LifeSynk – Making Life Social

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